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Before & After: How A Morning Walk And Daily Yoga Helped This Guy Lose 30 Kilos

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Determined to fit into his old clothes, Ajeet Shukla, an advertising professional tells us all about how he managed to lose 31 kgs.

His Fitness Plan

At 104 kgs, Ajeet decided to not shop at the plus-sized section and took matters in his own hands. After doing his share of research, he found out that in order to be in a healthier shape, he needed to lose 30 kgs. He started by quitting smoking and drinking. Apart from controlling his portions, eating, he started a 40-minute walk and an hour of morning yoga, religiously. On days he couldn’t work out, he made sure he walked at least 8,000 to 10,000 steps.

Ajeet goes to Shivaji Park for his walks and practices yoga under the supervision of Mamata Sanghvi. She runs Sanghvi Trust in Matunga West.

His Diet

He goes out, but tries to go gluten free and opts for vegan food. His favourite thing to order is some salad and hummus with multigrain bread. Oye Kake in Lower Parel and Bird Song cafe in Bandra are his go-to places to eat. He has a sweet tooth, so he handles his sweet cravings with jaggery products – gurer rosogulla and gurer sondesh {Bengali sweets}.

Anything Else?

He still follows most of the things because he believes maintaining the lifestyle is more difficult than losing weight. But, he thinks it’s not a mammoth task – you just need will power and belief.