We’re all about the wacky fusion dishes when it comes to Mumbai. Are these dishes lip-smacking and healthy? Check. Do they serve a purpose of our regular indulgence? Double check! So when temptations are running high, open this healthy guide and get on with your 2017 #goals!

Signature Quinoa Burger @ The Yoga House

Photo source: The Yoga House

Photo source: The Yoga House

The Yoga House as expected makes it to our list. Though all of its menu constitutes as the wackiest yet the healthiest dishes in the city, we’re picking our favourite on the list- the I Am Detoxifying burger, which is their signature Quinoa burger. The patty is soft and delicious created with quinoa, watermelon seeds mixed with basil and served with their freshly made hummus.

Price: INR 370

Vegan Beetroot Cake @The Pantry

Photo source: The Pantry

Photo source: The Pantry

It’s dairy-free, sugar free and made with delicious red beetroot. Need we say more?

Price: INR 165

The Barley & Jowar Salad @The Bombay Canteen

Photo source: The Bombay Canteen

Photo source: The Bombay Canteen

City’s favourite fusion restaurant, The Bombay Canteen serves a jowar aka barley salad. It’s a mix of puffed grains, pomegranate seeds with a touch of spicy curd on top of it. It’s your regular guilt-free indulgence.

Price: INR 380

Sesame And Peanut Laddoo @ Vegan Bites

Photo source: DSwathika via Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 4.0)

Photo source: DSwathika via Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 4.0)

You know its healthy when the word vegan goes in the restaurant’s name. Vegan Bites serves up delicious dairy-free and organic sweets, and we’re loving the sesame and peanut laddoo. Healthy? Check. Wacky? Check. Tasty and sin-free? Double check.

Price: INR 950 per kg

Couscous Upma @ Indigo Delicatessen

Photo courtesy: Indigo Deli

Photo courtesy: Indigo Deli

The regular upma here gets a twist, made with couscous, dried fruit, nuts and what not. So if you’re looking for a healthy fix for breakfast, head to Indigo Deli. For a steeply priced dish, you get one point for eating clean.

Price: INR 425

Burnt Garlic Pizza Cracker @ Pishu’s

Photo source: Pishu's

Photo source: Pishu’s

What cheese is to Joey’s, healthy is to Pishu’s. With their over indulgent healthy meals, you have to try the burnt garlic pizza cracker. If the multi-grain khakra cracker isn’t wacky enough for you, then let the simple toppings take your heart away. It skips flour, keeps minimal cheese and is pretty darn tasty.

Price: INR 145

Cashew Milk Cappucino @ Vibe Liquiteria

Photo source: Pexels

Photo source: Pexels

The exceptionally healthy vibe at the Vibe {see what we did there?} is great. They do vegan smoothies, healthy milkshakes and use only organic ingredients. We love the cashew milk cappuccino here, because it’s creamy and skips the ridiculous caffeine hit you’d get from a regular cappuccino.

Price: INR 210

The All Good Benedict @ 212 All Good

Photo source: balise42 via Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Photo source: balise42 via Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 2.0)

As the name goes, 212 screams it’s all good with their super healthy, and organic dishes. They follow an organic rule to create everything from the scratch, going with their farm to table concept. We love the all good eggs Benedict because its fluffy, creamy and served on sweet potato cake instead of regular bread. Is that healthy or healthy?

Price: INR 295

Quinoa Pancakes @ One Street Over

Photo courtesy: One Street

Photo courtesy: One Street Over

Looking forward to pancakes but on a healthy trail? Go for the quinoa pancake at One Street Over. It’s gluten-free, created with chickpeas and pumpkin seeds and served with sweet potato cream.

Price: INR 500 {plus taxes}

Zucchini Spaghetti @ Terttulia

Photo courtesy:

Photo courtesy: Terttulia

It’s all Mama Mia at Terttulia with their zucchini spaghetti. They skip the flour based spaghetti and instead carve zucchini in the shape of spaghetti. It’s for anyone who doesn’t like to feel guilt, as not only is it a vegetarian dish, its comes with the aglio olio sauce which is blended really well. It’s a medium-sized potion, and the flavours are on point.

Price: INR 420

Sweet Potato Fries @ Pali Village Cafe

Photo source: David Long via Wikimedia Commons (CC BY 2.0)

Photo source: David Long via Wikimedia Commons (CC BY 2.0)

These healthy substitutes for the otherwise unhealthy potato fries make for a fitting quick bite. They’re thickly cut and well fried. They are served with their in-house red spice which compliments the sweetness of the sweet potato really well.

Price: INR 190

Featured photo source: balise42 via Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 2.0)