Before & After: How Zumba & Three Marathons Helped This YouTube Influencer Get Fit & Lose 15 Kilos

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Determined to shed those extra pounds off, Beverly D’souza, an advertising professional and YouTube Influencer made some major changes to her daily routine. This healthy weight loss success story will help motivate you to burn those calories, eat well and get the body you’ve always wanted.

Her Story

“For as long as I can remember, I don’t think I was ever not chubby. I’ve always been a little overweight since the beginning and during my teenage years it got to me a little when I started to compare myself to others. As I grew older, relatives and family friends never failed to pass that casual {not so casual for me} comment about my weight. It hurt a little but I brushed it off,” says Beverly.

Her story, just like countless others, is an inspiration as she’s managed to find a work-life balance when it comes to her exercise regimen and has motivated herself to push forward and see it through till the end.

What Has Changed?

Almost a year ago, she discussed her plans of wanting to lose weight through Zumba with some colleagues and then went on a mission to find a class that would suit her hectic schedule. She wanted a routine that was fun and would not leave her bored, and Zumba was her answer.


She started with the trail classes and began to love it. She started eating healthy and focusing on what her body wanted and needed. Over the months, Beverly has lost 15 kilos, has run two marathons, feels fit and is motivated to continue this trend that’s keeping her so happy.

Her Fitness Routine

She goes for Zumba classes {Zumba With Illumination} thrice a week and runs when she has the time. She’s opted for the morning batch and mentions how excited she gets, getting ready for class. “It’s like going to a dance party in the morning AND it helps me lose weight! I couldn’t ask for anything better,” is how she sees it.

Zumba has helped her push beyond her normal as she gets to train with like-minded people who are working towards similar fitness goals and mentoring each other as part of a larger fitness community.

Her Diet

After starting Zumba, she has been very careful about what she eats and foods that she should avoid. She started off by making simple changes like rice only on weekends, only having multigrain bread, staying away from friend foods, sugars, and snacks.

She also carries her lunch to work – a simple meal, ending with cut fruits. With the lure of a great canteen at the work place, she focuses on healthier options that keep her going throughout the day.

On Cheat Days

She does have her cheat days and does not deprive herself of her favourite sweets {Ice creams, chocolates, waffles} and food {French Fries}. Her favourite homemade cheat is a simple meal of rice, curry, and fried fish.

Her Inspiration

Apart from her Zumba classes {her one true love}, she believes that being consistent is the key to all our problems, and that one should get fit because you want it, and not because someone else does. Any progress is still progress and if you’re able to have fun during this process, it makes the victory even sweeter.