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Battle Of The Biryanis: Our Top 5 Picks For The Best Biryanis In Pune

Biryani is one of the most hotly-debated dishes in Indian cuisine, owing to its numerous variations that differ from one region to the next. What can be unanimously agreed upon, is that biryani is delicious. Here are 5 of our favourite places for a mouth-watering plate of biryani in Pune.

We can’t talk about biryani without bringing up George on East Street. A classic, their biryani recipe is said to have remained unchanged since the 1940’s – and the taste is consistently delicious! We love their mutton biryani, with the chicken biryani coming in at a close second. If you’d rather try a different style of chicken biryani, their chicken tikka biryani is pretty good too. They also have veg, prawn, and fish biryani – if you’re so inclined. Complete your meal with a side of butter chicken, and remember to wear your stretchy pants to accommodate all this food. Read our full recommendation here.

Located at Sadashiv Peth, SP’s Biryani House is one of those cult-classic biryani places you can’t miss out on. With over 13 styles of biryani on the menu, they’re most famous for their sajuk ghee mutton dum biryani, and their signature ‘SP’s mutton dum biryani. Served with a side of rassa, we hear it’s real value-for-money, tasty fare. There are mutton, gavran chicken, seafood, egg, and veg speciality mains available as well. If you’re up to it, you can order biryani made with an entire chicken or a leg of mutton – but you have to notify them at least 24hrs in advance. They’re said to be packed on weekends, so plan accordingly!

We love Savya Rasa for their excellent representation of regional South Indian cuisine – but the dark horse on their menu is undoubtedly their Kongu mutton biryani. Made with a short-grain rice – ‘seeraga samba’, which is a speciality rice of the Kongunadu region, this biryani features tender mutton pieces flavoured with coconut milk, and served with a side of coconut pachadi. It’s brilliant, trust us. Their Thalassery meen biryani – made with seer fish, and the kozhi chatti biryani – made with chicken, are also worth a try. Keep in mind that these biryanis are spiced with regional flavours, and traditionally made with short grain rice – which makes them different from their Northern counterparts, but no less delicious.

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