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Get Your Fix: We've Picked The 7 Best Coffee Places In Pune That You Must Try

Can't go through the day without a cuppa? We scouted for the best coffee places in Pune. Some have great hot cups, others serve delicious cold brews and others have a range of interesting coffees you must try. 

You can't have lived in Pune and not eaten at Le Plaisir and loved it. Everyone who visits town, also makes a stop here. But since we're on the topic of coffee, you've got to try the cinnamon coffee. With a generous sprinkling of cinnamon powder on top of the hot brew, the coffee is neither too sweet not bitter. It's perfect for a rainy evening or when you need a warm hug, believe us, this cup won't disappoint.

With authentic Arabica roasted coffee curated from different parts of the world, Third Wave Coffee Roasters hails from Bengaluru. Their syphon and chemex brewing methods are what make their coffee worth every sip you take. They also offer a French press, aero press and even pour-over brews. If you're one to love lattes, try the matcha, red velvet, Thai or the gold turmeric latte. And, for those on a strict keto diet their signature bulletproof keto coffee uses virgin coconut oil and unsalted butter as its base.

With a dedicated brew bar that serves pour overs, how could you not stop by at Zen Cafe in Koregaon Park? Try their cortado, macchiato if you're looking for hot cup. But if you're here on a hot day, then the iced coffees will satiate you. Try the affogato, or a simple cold brew. You can also sip on artisanal black coffee that's either served aero press or a pour over. They also serve an espresso smartini and a ginger, turmeric, espresso tonic.  

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