This Coffee Place In Swargate Serves A Jar For Two At INR 160 Only

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What Makes It Awesome?

Has ‘Let’s Go To The Mall’ from the American sitcom How I Met Your Mother become your theme song? Because well, what else do you do when you want to hangout with friends outside college? Head to Kumar Pacific Mall’s Coffee Jar and chill. 

The cafe has a separate area, below the food court and it’s hard to grab a chair here because everyone’s dropped in for a quick grub. But what lacks in seating, makes up for with a hot cuppa. You’ll find your casual cafe fare. You’ll get some quick bites like cookies, sandwiches, quiches, and for sweets they have cheesecake, brownies and more. But one look at the beverage menu, and you’ll want everything. 

If you love coffee hot or cold, you’ll be spoilt for choice. The cold coffee is just the beginning, you can also get an amaretto + coffee for INR 130 only. If bitter isn’t your taste, then you can opt for toffee nut or Irish cream with coffee. There are several hot cuppas to sip on a cold day, which include hazelnut latte, cinnamon dolce latte, white chocolate latte, caramel macchiato, hot chocolate and more. A cup will cost you INR 100 to 130, but you can get a coffee jar that serves two for INR 160 only. 

And, for those who’ll only drink tea, you’ll find earl grey, Assam tea, masala, cranberry apple and more hot teas for INR 70 only. But they also offer iced teas in flavours like kiwi mint, green apply, blueberry and more for INR 90 a glass. 

For bites, we’d recommend sticking to the paneer sandwiches, their dessert bars are fairly good too. And, obviously grab a slice of cheesecake while you’re here. An average meal for two would cost you INR 450. The cafe is open during mall hours from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m., so you can perk up all-day, almost.


For a bigger group, opt for the coffee jar that serves for. It costs INR 300 only, making it extremely pocket-friendly if you’re splitting the bill.