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Hit The Right Notes At These Piano Classes In Pune

Whether it is portraying tense emotions, happy moments or even anger, music usually puts you at peace. If you're planning to pick a new hobby, learn to play the piano. There are several classes in Pune for it; and these five will surely help you hit the right notes.

Known to provide one-on-one attention to students, The Music Box Academy is most recommended for your piano lessons. There’s no age limit for anyone who’s interested to learn piano. The Music Box Academy holds piano classes at their KP and Amanora locations. Along with piano, The Music Box Academy also teaches various instruments such as flute, violin, saxophone and other classic instruments.

Located in Wadgaon Sheri, Rockstar Music Academy offers piano classes starting at INR 1600 per month. This includes around eight sessions throughout the month. The best part of these sessions is that you can choose the days according to your convenience. That's perfect for those who find it hard to pick up an instrument as a hobby.

If you are in and around Magarpatta City, RDX Music Academy holds a number of instrumental classes. They conduct their piano sessions from Monday to Friday between 4pm to 10pm. You can go in anytime to practice your keys and the instructors will help you strike the right notes.

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