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Forget Aloo And Load Up On Cheese, Chicken, Kheema And Thai Curry Samosas Instead

Ten-Second Takeaway

From Mac n Cheese to Mutton Kheema and Barbecue Chicken, Samosa Party, an online service, promises to perk up snack time!

Time To Party

Ain’t no party like a samosa party! And this enterprise is doing good on that motto by doling out piping hot samosas! No, not the usual, blah aloo versions. The samosas at the Samosa Party come stuffed with everything from paneer to spicy chicken. They even have spicy Punjabi and Chinese versions. Plus, Corn & Cheese, Chicken & Cheese, Egg {Anda-Funda} and a Pickley Paneer version too. If you like to keep it classic, then go for their Mutton Kheema samosas.

And if just stuffing your face with samosas won’t cut it, then Samosa Party also offers French fries and the Rajasthani Kota Kachori. Want to make a full blown meal out of your snack? Then just order their samosa platters, available in vegetarian and non vegetarian versions.

Street Food Goes Gourmet

Making the LBB office a new samosa party spot last week, the kind folks of this wonderful venture sent across samoas and chai to feed an army. Luckily, we’re as good as an army! The hot favourite was the chicken and cheese samosa which broke the monotony of chatpat street food, and gave this a bit of a western touch. Great option at a tea party, if the rest of your meal is Indian-style, only. The Andhra chicken was spicy, but didn’t really gather much support. Especially compared to the Barbecue Chicken which we really enjoyed. The mutton kheema was another favourite, and surprisingly, most non-vegetarians also thoroughly enjoyed the Cheese & Corn version.

If you want a break from samosas, they also offer poha, vada pav, bun omelettes and a diving banana bread to make it a more balanced party. Check out their boxes which are perfect for a picnic out of town or even for a garden party. Deluxe, Standard and Elite boxes come with snacks, juice, ketchup and potato chips. So pick based on the price and requirement. The standard box has one snack plus the rest of the offerings, the elite has two snacks in addition to the standard extras while the deluxe has three. You can mix and match the snacks, if you don’t want only samosas. We’re thinking one samosa, one portion of French fries and perhaps cake. With prices starting at INR 65 for the box, we are tempted to ask them to start a subscription box for lunch time!

Order online here.