Guys, Board The Metro Right Now And Get Down At Vijaynagar To Check Out Its Street Food Scene

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What Makes It Awesome

Vijayanagar is a street food gem that we recently discovered thanks to one devoted LBB Crew Member. Curious as ever, we boarded the Metro and got down at the Vijayanagar Metro Station. The street food scene in question is just a hop, skip, and jump from the station. Ask anyone for Vijayanagar Water Tank and they’ll guide you . 

Start your binge eating at this cart (named Paddu Centre) which dishes out fluffy paddus (or paniyarams). Half a dozen costs INR 20, while a full plate INR 30. Served with white and red chutney(spicy), you can also get them packed, at an additional INR 5 per plate. They have puliogare rice and lemon rice as well. Next to Spurthy Gobi Centre for six kinds of Manchurian — gobi, potato, spinach, paneer, baby corn, and mushroom. Go for either a half plate or full plate, in any case, you are going to love the spicy kick the Chindian dish has. Don’t worry, they can tone down the spice level too. They have six kinds of fried rice too. Prices start at just INR 20 for a plate of Manchurian, and rice is INR 70.

What’s a street food lane without bajjis of all kinds, right? Bonda, chilli bajjis, vadas, and raw banana bajjis are what you get at Annapoorneshwari  Bajji Centre in abundance. Priced at INR 5 a pop, order a mixed plate for INR 20. They also dish out poori-sagu  priced at INR 30. South Indian (Bangarapette) chaat corner dishes up sev puri, masala puri, bhel puri, and pani puri , but it’s the floating pani puri that  caught our fancy. And the white pani. Pani that’s as plain as water but packs quite a punch. The floating pani puri, is as the name sounds. Puris loaded with masala, boondi, and sev basically float in pani. A plate costs INR 30, while chaats are between INR 20 and INR 40. 

The owner of Bombay Butter Dosa Camp seems to have taken to Szechuan sauce as you will see at least 10 kinds of Szechuan-laden dosas. Our pick of the menu is Szechuan Mysore Masala Dosa that’s heavily buttered and cheesed. Our dosa with butter and cheese is priced at INR 50 while the ‘butter only’ variant is at INR 40.The dosas are priced between INR 20 and INR 60. Wrapping up your street food scene on a sugar high comes highly recommended at this cart that serves piping hot jalebis for INR 10 per 100 grams. If you’re too full, parcel them for the road. Oh, lest we forget, they also serve samosas, kachoris, pav bhaji, and buttery dabelis. You really need to try the dabelis at INR 15 a pop.

What Could Be Better

Technically none of them have names that are directing you towards them, but that comes with the street food territory we suppose


Since the pricing is so low, remember to carry cash. However, some of the vendors also take UPI/Digital wallet money, but we can't guarantee which ones.