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Seven Chennai-Based Home Bakers You MUST Try For Delish Desserts

7 kinds of yum brownies and a chilli chocolate brownie made from one of the world’s hottest chilli pepper, if you’re a brownie lover, this one’s for you. They also have a make-your-own brownie - just choose your brownie, sauce, and toppings! Brownie flavours include triple chocolate, caramel, brookies, walnut, Ferrero Rocher, and Nutella. You can make your brownie in just three simple steps. They have eggless brownies too.

Price: INR 220 (for 250 grams) onwards

Sonali does art on cookies. She’s tried watercolour effects, stenciling, and stamping, where she uses edible food colour as ink. You can get customised cookies for weddings, baby showers, and just regular days, in flavours like chocolate chip, spiced chocolate, spiced honey, and brown sugar. 

Price: INR 50 onwards

Home-baked cupcakes, cakes, cakepops, and jar cakes in flavours like vanilla buttercream, chocolate truffle, strawberry buttercream, and tiramisu. Aren’t you hungry just reading this? This place makes the most drool-worthy cakes with kitkats, oreos, Cadbury’s and all our fave chocolates from childhood. They also make customised cakes like a camera cake and doll cakes. Their chocolate overdose is a must-have.

Price: INR 60 onwards

These Pinteresty, premium liquor cakes will make you drool the moment you see them. Keerthy bakes Beer Truffles and Whisky Chocolate Cakes with stencil, palette knife painting techniques, and watercolour effects. The flavours include pistachio cream cheese, chocolate, and salted caramel, chocolate and chocolate cream cheese, lemon blueberry, lemon meringue. Jameson, Glenfiddich, Jack Daniel’s, Black Label for whiskey are the liquors used. Try the Wheat Beer Cake or Whisky Chocolate Cake with Salted Whisky Caramel.

Price: INR 1,000 onwards

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