S'mores, Dark Chocolate Or Raspberry: Love & Crumble Cookies Are What You Need To Make Everything Right!

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    What Makes It Awesome

    We've raved before about Anutha Shetty and her Love & Crumble cookies, but we are back! With a new look that is simple, elegant and pink, Love & Crumble still does those irresistible cookies, and I love them. I am usually not one for cookies at all! Nope, you cannot tempt me with them, but when it comes to these ones, I will happily wolf them down. My favourite is the Nutella Sea Salt, and that is coming from someone who doesn't like chocolate. With a gooey inside, this slightly salty cookie is perfect with my black coffee. 

    I also like the Dark Chocolate brookie - guys, that is a cookies meets brownie, with the S'mores a close second in the household, thanks to the marshmallows on them. I find the cookies are really rich and filling, but I appreciate that they're not too sweet. Just how cookies should be. 

    Given how famous they are (even Dipika Padukone likes them!), I love to give these as little surprise gifts, or as hostess presents. The Peanut Butter, Milk Chocolate Chunk and the Dutch Milk Brookie all will brownie (cookie?) points in my books too! 

    You can order it on Instagram through a direct message, and they deliver across India as well, though Bangalore gets first preference as she is based in Bangalore! 

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