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First Date? Here Are 9 Offbeat Ideas That Don't Include Restaurants

If you spend a majority of the time on your first date talking to each other, you’re more likely to continue dating. So, here are 10 first date ideas in Delhi, that should help break the ice, and best of all, might ensure you actually have fun even if your date turns out to be a disaster.

But here’s hoping that it all goes according to plan.

So, you can take each other for a ride. Forgive us, we had to go for it. Perfect way to ask someone out casually. We recommend the Old Delhi route; you’ll be part of a larger group, so there’s no pressure. It starts at the crack of dawn though, so if you’re not a morning person, this might not be a good fit.

Hosted every alternate Friday, the bar is intimate enough for you to be able to get really close. Also, skip the awkward first thirty minutes by participating in the trivia. By the time its over, you’ll be comfortable enough to start talking. PS: Watch your competitive streak, one of us has lost many a suitor by overdoing the need to win.

One, you’ll never forget your first date, and secondly, attention is on the show, until you can relax and be easy around each other. PS: It’s actually a super show, and there’s something romantic about its setting. ALWAYS call ahead to check the availability and timings in advance.

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