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8 Indoor Date Ideas That Are Beyond Just Netflix Binge-Watching

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Going out isn’t everyone’s strong suit. Also, we think it’s quite overrated. There’s no hint of subtlety left in the way love is expressed in bars and fine diners. So, if you want to keep things on the simpler side with your better half, we have laid down some cozy indoor date ideas for you. 

Surprise BAE With Some Brekkie In Bed

Slurrp Farm

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V-day is on a Sunday morning this year. How lucky are you, right? This is the best opportunity to wake your partner up with a hearty breakfast (in bed) Starting your morning with good food sets the vibe for the day, and what's better than stocking up on DIY breakfast mixes? Shop On LBB has a lot of options, in case you're looking for some. Mixed fruit mueslis, pancakes, or even hot muffins-take your pick and get-set-cooking! 

Our recommendation: Chocolate & Millet Pancake Mix along with non-fried puffs, millet dosas, strawberry cereals and more from Slurrp Farm.

Pamper Each Other With Some Spa Therapy

Soap Square

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The city's pollution gets to us and we hardly have time to take care of our skin or mane. While you both are spending the day of love at home, why not pamper each other? Apply some herbal ubtan, a coffee clay face mask, or a fruit-based face pack together, and just take a power nap once you've slathered your skin with it. 

Our recommendation: Lemongrass mask, French pink clay and lavender cleanser, fresh brew coffee soap and peppermint foot mist from Soap Square 

Sow Some Love Together

By crafty, we don't mean that you have to get the papers, pencils and scissors out. Planting something together and watching it grow is as romantic as your relationship. So we found you some sustainable gardening and microgreen DIY kits that comprise of basil, mustard, scallions, radish and more. All you've got to do is read the instructions on the pack and plant the seeds. These kits also come with pots, organic fertilizers, plant markers and coco peat pellets. 

Our Recommendation: Edible flowers kit, or the Microgreens kit from Bombay Greens

Indulge In A Cosy Baking Sesh

Bawi Whisk

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Nothing more intimate than baking sweeties together, for each other. The sheer joy of licking some chocolate from the batter bowl, or maybe just getting some on each other, can't be compared to anything else. If you both are novices when it comes to baking, then this is a great activity to bond over. Shop on LBB has great brands that provide premixed batters. So now making those mug cakes, churros, or cupcakes is super easy and quick. 

Our Recommendation: Doughnuts, salted biscuits, mug cake, pancake, white velvet cake and churros mixes from BawiWhisk

Set The Mood With Aromatic Candles

Awakening your senses to good things is very very important. Make room for romance, and invest in some good aromatic candles. We're talking about fragrances like lavender, eucalyptus, coffee, mocha brew, vanilla, lemon and more to set just the right mood.

Our Recommendation: Cranberry fiesta, Japanese Cherry, Chocoholic Mint and more such fragrances from Joyous Beam Candles. Get it on Shop on LBB. 

Let Lights Do The Magic

Nothing's as warm and fuzzy as fairy lights. On Valentine's Day, make a little cozy corner near the balcony area of your home maybe with some cushions, and a small mattress, and hang pretty fairy lights near the set-up. Yes, you can boast about your hard work on your IG stories as well. 

Our Recommendation: Crystal dome string lights, thin purple fairy lights, star string lights, white photo-clip lights and more from Glimmer Lightings.

Raise The Bar With Yummy Cocktails

To (almost) end the evening in high spirits, get on to making a few drinks, at the comfort of your home. Did you know that there are first-world innovations like cocktails pre-mixes that you can buy to make your life simpler, and control what goes into your drink? So become a bartender and make your partner a Margarita, a Bloody Mary, or some Kamikaze shots, and enjoy an easy-breezy and boozy evening. 

Our Recommendation: Red Sangria, Mojito, Mexican Mule, Margarita or Bloody Mary mixes from & Stirred Cocktail Mix

Watch A Show/Movie That You Both Enjoy

Evolve Snacks

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Yep, a very mainstream idea but we've seen no couple that doesn't snuggle up and watch a movie together ya. So we'll straightaway assume that this is a given, and recommend a few of our favourite films to you. Oh and while you binge-watch, keep some healthy and tasty snacks like cheddar cheese khakra, wasabi peanuts, and roasted makhanas handy. You'll get them all on Shop On LBB! 

Our Movie Recommendations: Love Actually, 10 Things I Hate About You, You've Got Mail, The Holiday, 500 Days of Summer. P.S-I Love You. If you're a couple that lives on slapstick comedy, you could do Bhagam Bhag, Hera Pheri, Andaz Apna Apna and kinds like that (we love 'em all!)

Our Snack Recommendations: Multigrain puff, quinoa masala puff, baked bhakarwadi and more from Evolve Snacks