How To Have The Perfect Date With Bae At Home

    Going out isn’t everyone’s strong suit. Also, we think it’s quite overrated. There’s no hint of subtlety left in the way love is expressed in bars and fine dines.  So, if you want to keep things on the simpler side with your better half, read on. 

    Set The Mood


    If you have to stay indoors, mood is key. In order to put that together, you need two things- lighting and fragrance. No matter what you say, a nice-looking home makes all the difference. For lighting, put up a string of fairy lights. Get your fairy lights online and get them delivered to your home.


    At the end the day, you want to come back to a space that helps you unwind with bae, and slowly calms you down. If you both are working, you'll need just the right fragrance for your home, because it almost always does the job. You can get essential oil diffusers, candles or incense sticks. You can check out these awesome candles from Shop LBB!

    Eat Your Way To Love

    Candle Light Dinner - Cook Something Together

    There's no better way of bonding than cooking a wholesome meal together. Pick a cuisine, lookup for a recipe online, gather the ingredients and get set go. Make sure you've decorated the dining table to set the correct mood. Light up a candle and relish on the meal you guys have just cooked. 

    If you're genuinely too bored to cook, we'd say pick a healthy delivery joint in your city. Or order from Shop LBB! We have awesome snacks, food essentials and more here!

    Binge-Watching/Listening With BAE

    Download Streo For Live Gig Screenings

    If you and your partner share a common interest for watching music gigs, we've found an app for you. Streo lets you live stream gigs from all over the world, including those that are happening in Mumbai. You could also check out Boxout FM, they have some great indie songs.

    It's Movie Time

    Well, a date at home will not be complete without getting into your pyjamas, cuddling with your partner to watch an episode of your favourite show together. Plus, if you're away from your BAE, you can use Google Chrome's extension "Netflix Party" and watch the same movie together.

    We'd Pick: Love Actually, 10 Things I Hate About You, You've Got Mail, The Holiday, 500 Days of Summer. You could also catch up on all the Oscar winners such as these.  Or browse through our steaming section for more options.

    P.S: If you're a couple that lives on slapstick comedy, you could do Bhagam Bhag, Hera Pheri, Andaz Apna Apna and kinds like that (we love 'em all!)

    Learn A New Skill Together

    Pick A Hobby, Any Hobby

    It's always fun to do some learning together. 

    From indoor gardening and baking to DIYs and learning a musical instrument - it's always fun learning a new skill with your bae. So, we'd say pick a hobby which both you guys love (or not love) and bond over a new skill. Here's a guide to help you pick a hobby.

    Sign Up For An Online Course

    Well, we've all been there. Staying back in college, signing up for the same coaching classes and studying together right before exams. Well, we're bringing that cute little phase of our lives back. When at your bae's home, how about signing up for a course online? From learning a new language to maybe taking up masters together - options are plenty. 

    Set Up Your Home

    Paint An Accent Wall In Your Apartment

    Painting is therapeutic, and it brings the best out of your personality. Switch up your home (since you’re going to be staying in quite a while) by painting an accent wall or any other corner of your house with your bae. You can tape up parts of it and make sharp shapes and designs: here’s how to get started. 

    You could also make small paintings on canvas instead, or a idle cloth, in case a wall is too much of a commitment. 

    DIY It Together

    This is a great way to bond by the way. Get out all our colour pencils, paints, duct takes or glue gun. It's time to DIY it. Make a home decor accent, wall accessory or explore more options here.