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The Best View Ever! This Resort's Huts Overlook The Lagoon & The Beach

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What Makes It Awesome

A resort placed on the pristine Cola Beach, Dwarka looks unreal and a sight straight out of a fantasy novel. Started by Clemente and Arlene after stumbling upon the space during a film recce, Dwarka was their dream that came to life. It's open only from October/November to April. 

If you hate the commercialisation that Goa often comes with, this is one offbeat destination that’s worth checking out. They've got cottages, each with an uninterrupted view of the sea and the lagoon. Their restaurant and bar, perched on a height, makes sure you're always sipping cocktails surrounded by stunning sights. The coconut curries, seafood and an occasional platter, fresh from the tandoor, make sure you're never bored of the menu. It's also as local and fresh as it gets.

Oh, and if all the swimming, eating and dolphin-spotting (yes, they offer tours and kayaks), has left you tired, there's also an in-house masseuse for Ayurvedic treatments who'll have you feeling fresh as a lily. They even have packages for weddings (think your partner arriving at the resort by boat like a hangover)

All said the lagoon and the location is perfect if you enjoy nature in its purest, more rustic form. It's cut off from the world (with sometimes wonky internet) and is just the place to get all the me-time you could possibly want. In fact, even if you're staying in Agonda, Palolem or any of the other South Goa beaches, we would recommend a night at Dwarka in Cola. The prices start at INR 15,000 per night so you might want to book in time before the prices actually skyrocket. 

What Could Be Better

Over the years, Cola has gotten its fair share of love from digital nomads, nature lovers and beach seekers. This has meant higher demand and consequently, higher tariffs. The huts, back in 2019 would've set you back by 13k a night on average. You will need to call them to enquire based on the season. So, while yes, the resort is gorgeous and dreamy, we wish we could afford it more often than just for special occasions. The rates, however, are inclusive of meals for two and all taxes. 


They try to keep a low profile, so they’ll give you directions when you call them. If you're sticky about your meals or have dietary restrictions, it's better to intimate them in advance (they do have veggie options though).