Forget Boring & Get Unique Jewellery From This Metalsmith In Goa


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    Whoever suggested that metal jewellery had to inevitably be clunky and cumbersome has a lot of unlearning to do. Enter Nishtha - who from her home studio in Mapusa, designs these gorgeous, minimalist pieces of jewellery — each of them skilfully sculpted either from copper or brass — the two metals the 27-year old metalsmith swears by for her brand Atomic no. 29. 

    What Makes It Awesome

    At Atomic no. 29 each piece is a manifestation of Nishtha’s moods. Using techniques such as cloisonne enamelling and electroforming, she carves these dainty pieces in metal, that follow geometric patterns or find their design inspiration in nature. A love affair with an enamelling workshop that quite turned her life around, Nishtha started working with metal about two years ago. Soon a process that was therapeutic to her, began to yield these one-of-a-kind earrings, nose-pins, neck-pieces and rings chiselled on metal, backed by vivid conceptual designs. The brand name is a tribute to her love for the metal — copper — after whose chemical element the brand is named.

    The pieces are priced anywhere between INR 750 and go up to INR 3,000. Follow her Instagram page by the same name, to keep up with her latest designs as well as for orders. If you’re the experimental kind, feel free to reach out to her to collaborate on a design which she will then custom make for you.


    Her designs are also available on Etsy in case you're wary of ordering of Instagram. 

      Featured Products