Beach Out At The Pagan Cafe With Alcohol and Grub



    Located right on the Ashvem Beach, the Pagan Cafe at Babu Huts should definitely be on your visit list if you’re looking for a great shack and drinks by the beach.

    What Is It Like?

    The cafe is located on the beach itself with a great view of the sea and what a place it is, especially during the evenings. With the lights on {oh, those lights} and the twilight just getting over, the ambience is perfect for a casual dinner and drinks.

    Who Is It For?

    Well, I would say any and everyone who is looking to spend their evenings enjoying the sunset by the beach and have a great grub and selection of some nice cocktails is most welcome to try it out. It’s family friendly as well so your whole jing bang can spend a night of fun and shimmer by the beach.

    What To Order?

    Go for their breakfast menu, it undoubtedly is the best in town. They have some simple wholesome food to try out. Do ask for the menu to have a look at the variety of options that are on offer.

    Anything Else?

    Sipping beer and dipping your feet in the sea is something that you’ll love doing here. And I say that’s the best way to end the evening {just don’t stray too far out into the waters}. It’ll be a worthwhile experience for sure.