Blue Water And White Sand At Quaint Little Arambol Beach

Arambol Beach

Arambol, Goa


Away from the noise of the city life, blue water and white sands await us. For us, that’s the ideal vacation spot which pops up every time we think of vacationing near the sea. And there’s no better place to hum ‘walk in the sky’ than sitting at Arambol beach in Goa. It gives us immense wanderlust and the need to book our trips right away!

So, if you are planning a trip to Goa, check out Arambol beach in North Goa. Here’s everything you can do here.


Even though Arambol offers a simple life with simple pleasures, there are various activities to keep you busy all day long. You can go on dolphin spotting trip or try your hand at paragliding. And you know what? Paragliding will only set you back by INR 2,000 {YAY!}.

Take A Dip

Yes, just go have a swim. The sandy beaches are ideal for a morning or an afternoon swim.

Work On Your Aasana

The Himalayan Yoga Centre here offers a five-day course and seven-day course; nothing like taking care of your body while on vacation.

It’s Therapeutic

There’s a hot water spring called Vagkolam but everyone calls it the sweet water lake that originates in the Goan jungle.

Eat Out!

There are lot of restaurant/cafes/shack along the beach. What you should try? Paji’s! Really, this is a hip party place with great music and food.

How To Get Here?

Arambol is a bit far from the nearest airport. You can take a bus from either Panjim, Mepusa or Chopdem, depending on which part of Goa you are in.  We feel that the best way to get here is on a motorbike. Just  hire one and start riding.  Make an online booking for a bike here.

Once here, explore on foot. Arambol is pretty huge with other beaches in the vicinity like Paliem and Keri beach, each more beautiful and more secluded than the other. You can choose to trek on the Arambol mountain or check out nearby attractions like Mount Caramel Church.

Have we given you #vacationgoals? Start planning and celebrate your new year here.

Arambol Beach

Arambol, Goa