So What If It's 3am? Go Make New Friends & Down Affordable Drinks At Mango Tree

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Not satisfied after a night of partying and still want to drink some more? Head to Mango Tree. A cafe-restaurant located on the Vagator beach road, this place serves food and beer till 4am. 

What Makes It Awesome

One of our favourite haunts late in the night, when those munchies strike, or you want yet another mug of beer — Mango Tree is usually abuzz with travellers. We love the fact that the restaurant is open from 9am to 4am, and open through the year. Better still, whether you go with your bunch of friends, or head here for a drink all by yourself, you’re sure to make some friends.

This place is quite an unassuming haunt, and we love sitting on their bar stools, overlooking the road, drinking mojitos and chatting up travellers from across the world. The inside is dimly lit with quirky wall paintings together creating a fun ambience to sit and chill in. While the food is nothing to write home about, it’s great that they have a variety of dishes available even in their late-night menu. Moreover the vibe more than makes up for it (and did we mention the INR 100 per mug, on-the-tap beer!)

The butter garlic calamari, the cheese naan, the beef chilly fry and french fries are usually our go to dishes here. The service is quick and some friends don’t seem to mind their Chinese grub to wash down all the drinks. 

What Could Be Better

The food is priced slightly on the higher side, for the quality of food they serve. Slightly lower prices would have made them ideal, but then again we’re also paying for the convenience of having a hot steaming plate of fries at 3am.


They have ample space for parking around but we'd not recommend you ride/drive if you got a night of heavy drinking ahead of you.