Been To Club M In Morjim? It's The Swanky, All-White Beach Club At The Marbela


    What Makes It Awesome

    Almost every Goa connoisseur loves the all-white decor that’s synonymous with the Marbela Beach Resort. Enter Club M — the in-house club at the resort, which is known for its legendary DJ nights, especially during season time.  A high-end indoor nightclub that’s set against the backdrop of the white sands of the Ashwem beach, Club M hosts regular electronic music nights that are a favourite among party lovers. With great live acts as well as international DJs who rock the console, you’ll find it hard to resist the dance floor.

    The bartenders here, are themselves a sight to behold — most of them have been trained by a professional mixologist flown in specially from Brazil. You’ll often spot them displaying excellent flair techniques conjuring up refreshing new cocktails, often times based on seasonal fruits. The whiskey sour however, is made to perfection (both versions with and without the egg white) and is amongst our favourites.

    While it isn’t our favourite food destination, the calamari and butter garlic prawns are worth the mention and the price you pay for them. On most party nights they have an entry which starts anywhere from INR 500, and goes up (depending on who’s playing), sometimes to INR 25,000 per couple on a 31st night. Better still, they are open through the monsoons, though not every night is a party night during off-season so ideally, call ahead and check.

    What Could Be Better

    The pricing of the food and drinks is on the higher side and might be more than what you’re used to paying in Goa. But remember that you’re in for a ritzy club experience, so if you’d rather not spend as much cash, dancing to electronic music, feel free to give it a miss. 


    There’s a private exit that leads to the beach, just in case you want to escape the music for a bit and take a nice long walk on the endless white sands.