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Bored Of Hotels? Stay At These Abstract Or Pop Art Themed Apartments In Goa


    Three of the coolest, DIY & awesome women from diverse fields, who moved to Goa, took over a whole building in Siolim to set up the cutest full-fledged service apartments. Each apartment offers a different art theme and there's also an arts and craft studio cum co-working space – all at Curioso Studio & Suites.

    What Makes It Awesome

    If curiosity killed the cat, then this boutique property is sure to kill you with its awesomeness. Other than the hosts themselves, what we loved are the 5 apartments that are each done up in their own art theme. So besides Abstract and Pop Art, there are even Graffiti, Contemporary Indian & Post Impressionist Themed apartments, each one with tastefully done up decor, aesthetics and the girls’ own twist to these art themes. Each apartment has large all glass fronted windows, that overlook the beautiful and lush forest, besides having a living room, a bedroom and a small kitchenette.

    So though there are no televisions in any of the apartments (we couldn’t be happier about this), they come with an induction stove, a mini-fridge, air-conditioning, pots & pans as well as breakfast. Every room has a collection of art adorning its walls, be it the Andy Warhol influenced Campbell’s Soup Tin in the Pop Art room, or an old painted shutter, advertising an old Goan beer brand, in the Graffiti apartment.

    They frequently host art and crafts workshops that often ends up with adding quirks like new upcycled furniture, shelves and artefacts to their already eclectic decor. They’ve also recently started hosting art retreats where guests can take up art courses under the guidance of well-known artists.

    Curioso’s common studio is made to work like a co-working and co-making space, with several facilities like high-speed internet, good coffee and cold beers. The common space also comes with several art and craft supplies, in case you happen to want to indulge your curiosity and surprise yourself by trying something new!

    Go to the terrace and enjoy a starry night, or even just walk to the riverside which is really close by. The best bit? The rates for all that luxury and comfort starts from INR 3,000 a night.


    If you are a single woman, looking for a stay in Goa which is safe but maybe at hostel rates, these girls are even open to offering an apartment as a shared option, or you could book all 5 apartments for as low as INR 14,000.