Go On A Pizza & Tiramisu Date At This Garden Pizzeria In Candolim

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Over the years, Candolim has become a favourite among the travellers flocking to Goa —  this stretch has some of the best eateries in the area. The newest among them is Davide’s Pizzeria — a pizzeria set up in a beautiful garden restaurant, that deserves all the hype that it's getting.

What Makes It Awesome

First things first — the pizzeria is set in a beautiful garden, under the shade of trees lit dreamily by fairy lights in the quieter corner of Candolim. Davide, runs the restaurant together with his partner Alciela, who is also the baker-in-chief. He mentions that when selecting a venue for his restaurant this was his first requirement — naturally we loved the idea that despite being located in the midst of a boisterous tourist hotspot, at this cafe you’ll enjoy the quiet ambient atmosphere.

Secondly, the breads are irresistibly good — be that the pizza base (which was super thin and crispy, but more on that later), or the garlic breads — Davide makes the breads from scratch through what he tells us is a process of double fermentation, where he even makes the mother yeast himself, rather than using the ones readily available in the markets. He is equally particular about is other ingredients, tells us that the secret to great Italian food is often the quality of the ingredients used — the cheese, which, as well as the prosciutto and ham are imported from Italy, as is the marinara sauce. Net net, disappointment is not really on the menu!

For vegetarians, we’d recommend the artichoke pizza — Capricciosa, which comes loaded with tomatoes, olives and mushrooms and melt-in-your-mouth mozzarella, while among the non-veg pizzas we tried the Proscuito e rucola, which comes with parma ham, arugula and an additional layer of parmesan besides the mozzarella on the base. We also recommend the meatballs — we tried the baked ones, Al Forno, where the meatballs were baked to perfection — crispy on the outside and deliciously juicy and scrumptious on the inside. We’ve also heard great things about the Tiramisu, which Al makes every morning, but were over by the time we reached, so we'd suggest that you go early.

The portions are decently sized, and are commendable as far as the pricing goes. The service is quick and both the hosts are warm and super helpful. To cut the long story short, we could not have asked for better. 


And though alcohol is not available yet, their bar will soon be up and running. We hear that they will soon open a live pasta counter, where you can either choose to customise your pasta, or do a take-away for pasta mixes that you can store at home.