Is This Heaven?! Elsewhere Lets You Camp By The River & Stay At Beach Houses

    Aditya posted on 05 October


    One of Goa’s best-kept secrets, Elsewhere is a beach resort located in Morjim. Offering a serene, and natural setting, this luxury resort is perfect for a romantic getaway for two, or a family looking for some togetherness and downtime. 

    What Makes It Awesome

    Elsewhere offers visitors two different types of stay: The Otter Creek Tents and the Beach Houses. While the resort’s official location is a secret (to protect your privacy), they are located on a strip of land jutting out to sea, divided from the mainland by a creek. Now you can only imagine what a gift this spot is if you're a nature lover. Imagine stark night skies, rich marine life, rare birds, Otters if you're lucky and eating fresh barbecued catch of the day.

    The environment creates an otherworldly affect that's uninterrupted by civilisation and party shacks competing for your attention. The Otter Creek tents lie on the beach and face the idyllic creek. Each tent can comfortably hold two people in large four-poster beds and offers comfortable sit-outs on bamboo jettys. Think luxury Bedouin tents with private docks, and meals served in a gorgeous communal dining shack.

    If that sounds nice, wait till you hear about the Beach Houses. The four houses (The Captain’s House, The Piggery, The Priest’s House and the Bakery) are perfect for larger groups. 

    If living in such a naturalistic wonderland isn’t enough for you, don’t forget they are still a luxury resort. Accommodating and excellent staff include private cooks, day and night watchmen, a housekeeper and a car and driver (for a fee) if you feel like going out on the town.

    In case your travel buddy doesn’t want to completely disconnect from civilisation there is still running hot water, electricity, free Wi-Fi, iPod docks in villas, and a huge sea to swim in.

    What Could Be Better

    At a location as secluded as this, some difficulties are to be expected. For instance, the accommodation is a short walk (60 meters to be precise) on an old bamboo bridge. This could be scary for someone who's afraid of heights and inaccessible for someone with mobility issues. 


    Ideally bookings should be made 2-3 months in advance.

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