There's A New Bar In Calangute & It's Got Dishes From Our Fave Food Truck

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What Makes It Awesome

A hip Mexican bar squeezed itself into Calangute’s mad street and we queued up for tacos and tequilas. Amigos, make way for Figos De Antojitos that’s got the boys behind Escobar and Antojitos food truck coming together. Nacho nacho!

Anant from Escobar is on a mission to get the ‘good old vibe’ back to Calangute. While it remains to be seen whether one small neighbourhood bar can demolish stereotypes and put the stretch back on the cool traveller’s radar, for now, it’s safe to say that it did tempt us to make the trek; and boy, we weren’t in the least disappointed. The gin cocktails kept the conversations going (thanks to our old pals from Stranger & Sons), we bumped into old friends and revelled in the warmth that comes with unpretentious haunts.

While the bar was in safe hands and we tried every cocktail on their launch menu, things were pretty groovy back in the kitchen too. What else would you expect from Antojitos, right? They put on their best sombreros (metaphorically) and brought some mean burgers and quesadillas to the table. We especially loved their nachos, the vegetarian quesadilla and the two-patty messy beef burgerrr! Since we hadn’t tried the food truck yet, this was our first introduction to the brand and the setting couldn't have been better.

Figos can take up to about 30 people with some hanging at the bar, a couple on the balcony seats and others, in true blue Esco style, hovering around as their friends sit happily huddled. And because Antojitos is used to cooking for impatient food truck visitors, their service is prompt and you’re treated to hot pizzas in a jiffy.

Vegetarians, they do a Senor Paneerto burger, a classic Margherita to go with your beer and a taco you can’t go wrong with. Meat eaters are obviously a little more loved with so many options to pick from and get them customised with chicken/pork/beef. It’s a literal party with everything between fish n’ chips, hot dogs, burgers and steaks.

Remember, there’s a well-stocked bar waiting at the Calangute junction and some killer hotsauce food. Hell, they even do a sweet tortilla stuffed with chocolate, nuts and marshmallows! Don’t tell us it isn’t making you go weak in the knees now?!


They're open through the week!