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Farm Cottages To Luxury Villas, This Company Has 150 Different Stays In Goa


    Roamhome is a holiday home rental company that helps vacationers find accommodation based on their budget and temperament. They currently manage close to 150 properties in different areas across the sunshine state. 

    What Makes It Awesome

    Roamhome is a startup that's helmed by Praman (who's an ex-lawyer) and his aim is to make renting hassle free for anyone who’d like to put up their property for tourists. In the process, his team takes care of having the home owner’s property not just listed across airBnb,, Trip Advisor and the likes and but also managing complete booking, maintenance and customer support. Down to dealing with demanding guests (no, Coke and Pepsi aren’t interchangeable!) and handling payments from vacationers who book Roamhome properties. 

    As a Goa traveller, this service is a God send. The team visits each house before they take them on board and as a result of having scoured all through North and South Goa, they now have a variety of stay options. Whether you’re looking for a spoil-me-silly luxury villa, a budget apartment, a wooden cottage surrounded by paddy fields, a penthouse with a city view or just a traditional homestay close to the beach, they’ve got them all.

    The tariffs per night can go from INR 1,500 (in peak season) to INR 95k (yes, we died a little). When the season’s passed, you can find accommodation for as low as INR 800 as well! See what we meant by 'they've got all sorts covered'? 

    Finding a bed with a view apart, they’ll make sure they let you in on local secrets. The Roamhome folks know the best bars, flea markets and surf schools in the area and will be happy to tell you where you should be spending each day of the week. This adds to the whole holiday experience with you eating the best fish thali to enjoying the most popular jazz night nearby. 


    They’re in the process of tying up with local bars, tour operators and restaurants to get your discounts and deals. So, you might be making a good investment with these good folks.