Bookworms On The Beach, Check Out These Beautiful Bookshops In Goa

    Ten-Second Takeaway

    Susegad and Goa go together like bread and butter. There is nothing better than reading a book, to get in to the Goan state of mind. And Goa offers some really cozy and gorgeous bookstores; with most of them housed in Old Portuguese era houses with beautiful gardens. One can just take a book and relax in their store, verandah, or gardens with a book and occasionally even a cup of your favourite joe.

    Literati Bookstore

    Nestled in a hidden lane off the busy and crowded main Calangute road, the Literati has been featured in the book, ‘Footnotes from World’s Greatest Bookstores’. It is housed in a lovely old house with a huge garden. Diviya Kapur the formidable force behind this bookstore has made this a space for every booklover whether young or old, to visit, browse, read, and discuss books. She has a book club as well as other events through out the year, not to mention her Labrador who is popular with all who visit the store.

    Lotus Eaters

    The definition of a Lotus Eater is someone who lives life in a fog of laziness and dreams. Someone who is indifferent to the life outside of him. That is definitely the sentiment they aspired to and have achieved with this cozy book store in Anjuna that began it’s operations in 2011. They only stock second hand books, and even buy back their book at 50% of the selling price. This way they recycle the world they say. They also hold small gatherings for reader regularly to discuss book, share ideas etc.


    If you happen to have grown up in Goa between 2005 – 2011, then as a child you have definitely visited the Bookworm store in Taleigaon or read it’s monthly children’s magazine called Bookworm. It functions not only as a bookstore, but also as a comfortable space for children to discover and enjoy books. They have a program that consists of not just the bookstore, but also a Library, Publishing and a Mobile Outreach program. Their book treasure program provides books to schools that need it as well providing books under their outreach to poor children across Goa. They do regular workshops and book related children’s events.

    The Goa State Central Library

    This ultra modern Goa State Central Library in Panjim is the oldest public library in India and though not exactly a bookstore, does have a small one. This recently renovated and well designed library has a bookshop, gallery and some 6 floors of reading material. It is open on all days of the week, except for Public Holidays. It features a children’s book section, free Internet browsing for academic research, Goan history books that you will not find anywhere else and the 6th largest collection of Portuguese books. Add to it Braille books, Periodicals, Manuscripts, Journals, Maps & Newspapers, this place can be considered as Mecca for any bookworm.


    Used, Rare & New is the tagline of the Dogears bookstore, and they sure do stock it all. Located in Margao, this independent bookstore is the place to go to for books on Goa and for children. They even publish books for new authors and sell them in their store. There is loads of space for them to read and enjoy these books, as well regular events, talks and performances.