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Sourdough Pizzas To Apple Pies: Everything From This Bakeria Tastes Other-Worldy

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Flour Power Bakeria in Anjuna has realised that the secret to light, utterly irresistible pizzas lies in using wild yeast and letting the dough rest through the process of slow fermentation. These practices result in a range of yummies like pizzas, breads and desserts that couldn't have tasted better. 

What Makes It Awesome

A bright green bakery right next to a chapel in Anjuna, this one’s got a terrace we’ve always longed for. Soon as you enter, you get a peek into Valentina and Ziggy’s mighty kitchen in all its flour-dusted glory. You can often see Ziggy popping pizzas into that woodfired oven and between filling glasses of kombucha and getting the bread ready, Valentina is always around to make you feel at home.

The menu on the board changes every day depending on what the baker couple can source, what’s in season and what they feel like baking. The pepperoni pizza and margherita, are pretty much constant though. We’ve had their focaccia with cream cheese and tomatoes and Vegetariana pizza with amaranth, spinach and basil. Without a doubt, we can testify these two are the Greek Gods of pizzas. Because hey, there are pizzas and then, their are Flour Power’s sourdough pizzas.

What makes these a cut above the rest, you ask? The fact that their yeast is extracted from natural sources like fruits, veggies and kombucha. There’s nothing rushed about the fermentation process either and it’s all a game of patience, we learn. Valentina and Ziggy treat bread making as meditation and it shows with every loaf and every crust that’s pulled out of that magic oven –  everything is so filling and yet so healthy. A few slices down (we ordered 4 pizzas for a table of six and polished everything off), we can tell you that the table was divided on whether Tuna and onions or the meatball pizza was better. So yeah, take your chances with these two.

To round off a chill evening, we gorged on desserts and while the apple pie and chocolate chip cookies are still in the running for the first position, we miss having the upside down fruit cakes we once tried. Hopefully, these will be back and hopefully, we’ll get some packed for breakfast. If you’re a cupcake person, the chocolate truffle cupcake is killer; so decadent, you’ll need a physical force to stop you from OD-ing.

What Could Be Better

We wish they opened a little early in the evening for the golden hour here is absolutely divine. 


They’re open only from Wednesday-Sunday between 7–11pm. You can pack some feel-good wine from home to go with the pizza (the bakery doesn’t serve alcohol).