When In Goa, Check Out The Sunshine State's Indie Boutique Scene


    Boasting blissful beaches and chill vibes, Goa is also a well-known host to many independent designers from all over the world. From handwoven cotton tops and billowing beach dresses, to boho accessories and home decor, we’ve compiled our list of go-to stores to get your fashion fix to impress even the most seasoned shopper.

    Paper Boat Collective

    A concept lifestyle store that supports local Indian talent, this indie boutique in Sangolda is one of our top favourites to shop at. A collective that showcases a wide range of products across categories, Paper Boat Collective has been a crowd-puller since 2013. If slow fashion is your style and you take pride in handmade stuff, you can literally spend hours inside this quaint shop that's set inside an old bungalow, celebrating nostalgia and age-old weaving techniques and traditions. All products are made using organic/natural ingredients, and a calm, tranquil space allows customers to experience the products before purchasing them. You can buy clothes, home décor items, ceramic knick knacks, tableware, perfumes, organic clothes and games for kids, to even stationery and bath and body products. Recently, they've even added a French bakery in their backyard. 

    Mermaid’s Boutique / DADAblui

    Mermaid’s Boutique was started by expat Katya Grew in 2001. The store hosts several brands, including Katya’s own brand DADAblui. Their one-of-a-kind pieces, like their intricately embroidered banjara bags embellished with old coins, mirrors and colourful tassels, are worth blowing next month’s salary on. With its popping colours and quirky décor, it's kind of hard to miss in Anjuna. Chock full of embroidered jackets, bags, boho clothes, accessories and swimwear, this boutique comes recommended for those who love colours, prints, and a bohemian style. Remember it's right next to Cream Choc, so you can't leave the store without getting yourself a scoop. 

    P.S. This is a seasonal store and opens in November every year. 


    Run by couple Moshe and Anastasia, this café/boutique operates out of a repurposed old Portuguese house. Their offerings include a healthy Mediterranean menu, offbeat furniture, apparel and jewellery, to name a few. Keep your children entertained with their garden play area while you peruse their range of jewellery made entirely from natural materials (wood, brass, horn and bone) crafted by local and travelling artistes. Their collection of cool men's shirts and women's beach dresses find a lot of takers. So, go pick up some beachy accessories or some tiny souvenirs or even that little something to add an antique touch to your home. 

    The Flame Store

    This beautiful boutique has three branches including a store each in Candolim, Calangute and Siolim (sharing space with Thalassa). We personally love the vibe of the Candolim one that's got a floor dedicated to decor and another one to gorgeous, flowy dresses and tunics made of cotton, silk and linen. Their collection of jewellery is striking, shiny and bold and great if you're looking for statement pieces. The decor section is cosy with rugs, furniture, lamps, planters, tableware and the likes. While the prices are a bit on the higher side (with dresses starting from INR 3k), know that it's all about taking home a piece of heritage clothing or a unique decor piece that's hard to find on a usual day. 

    Sacha’s Shop

    Located in Panjim, this boutique store is also the space that the designer behind the brand, Sacha, grew up in. A quaint, green space with colourful wall murals add a rustic charm to this boutique. Walk in to shop for organic cottons and silk clothing, shoes, stoles, stationery, self-care and beauty products, jewellery and even decor. In Sacha's own words, this space was never meant to be a traditional 'shop' but just a place to enjoy curiosities that piqued her interest. Today, it's one eclectic, assorted, eccentric space that stocks up rare and beautiful finds from SavioJon, 11:11, Naushad Ali, Tilla, Fara and Lisa Jackal. This place is dreamy and offbeat and perfect for those on the mission to take home something with a story. 

    P.S. Much like the rest of the market, the store remains shut on Sundays. 

    Cheshire Cat

    Set in a charmingly restored Portuguese house in Assagao, husband and wife design team Kees van Andel and Karen Peace sell their own collection of handmade jewellery. Tap into your inner hippie and check out their crystal healing collection to balance mind, body and spirit with precious stones like emerald and amethyst. Try on their natural fibre clothing from different designers, while browsing through the various curios and photographs that line the shelves and walls. People, they also offer bespoke, personal design consultations on appointment.

    Note: They pop open in October and stick around till the end of the peak season. 

    People Tree

    If you’re ever been to Gunpowder, drop by the iconic Delhi design collective, which has now made Goa its second home. If you’re looking for ethical, fair-trade, natural textiles and accessories, all made in-house, you’ve hit the right spot. The exteriors of the store are decorated with art created by the staff, making it hard to miss, while the interiors offer an endless array of trinkets and knick-knacks. Their racks are literally tipping over with screen printed t-shirts, beachy kaftans, ethnic dresses and tote bags. Don’t miss their collection of ceramic crockery, jewellery and handmade paper stationery. 

    Don't forget, this store is closed on Mondays to accommodate THUS gatherings. 


    This stunning lifestyle and decor boutique by Swiss designers Sonja Weder and Thomas Schneider showcases their unique brand of custom handcrafted interior furniture, lighting and artwork. Influenced by India’s traditions, they seamlessly blend new with old, repurposing tabletops to create stunning partitions and fashioning handmade paper and bangles into lampshades for one-of-a-kind handmade furniture. It's funky exteriors make it a hard to miss store in Candolim but make sure you don't land up on Wednesdays and Sundays, when they shut shop. 

    No Nasties

    No Nasties

    Available Online

    A brand that stands for organic clothing, fair trade and vegan clothing, No Nasties is a clothing store in Assagao that sells luxurious cotton garments for men, women and children. If sustainable living is your preferred choice of lifestyle, this brand comes highly recommended. There is no use of genetically modified seeds, artificial colours and dyes, or carcinogenic pesticides, which makes the No Nasties clothes a cut above the rest. We love the serene, minimal vibe of the brand where anti-fit clothing gets a sassy, sustainable spin. 


    We love that OMO shares the space with Blue Tokai in Panjim so we can grab a cuppa and browse through the store's extensive range of cotton outfits for both men and women.  If you’re a fan of handlooms, funky jewellery, crockery, decor and the works, make a pitstop and you'll be happy that this Mumbai-based brand set up an outpost in Goa. Once here, you'll be surprised at what great curation can do and how much you can play with colour and texture when it comes to clothes. Thanks to it being inside an old Goan house, exploring and walking around its rooms and hallways makes for a heady experience. 

    P.S. They have now also started an organic store in the same location — OMO Organics — that offers fresh, organic produce and dry goods.


    This fashion and lifestyle boutique in Assagao has a gorgeous courtyard right in the middle. Wrapped around it are rooms full of curated finds across fashion, accessories, decor, gifting knick knacks, soft furnishings and furniture. Rangeela is a multi-designer store that houses Goan brands alongside pieces sourced from designers across India. Some designs are created in-house and it's got everything you might need for a vacation or as an addition to your home. Think kaftans, cotton dresses, swimwear, jewellery, rare artifacts from Indonesia, men's shirts and lots more. 


    This designer boutique set shop two decades ago and today, it still boasts of loyal patrons who vouch for Sosa's ace curation. A celebration of homegrown designs, it collaborates with designers all over India to get formal gowns, resort wear, beachwear, sarongs and cover ups, party dresses, and a lot more. There's a fine range of menswear and jewellery that also adds to the experience. Drop by sometime and say hulo to Myra, the store owner but make sure it's not on a Sunday.