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What, When, Where: A Guide To The Histories Inside The Goa Chitra Museum

2015 Interested |


If you’re a history buff and want to explore Goan history beyond the pages of history books and the Portuguese rule, Goa Chitra Museum is ideal for you. The museum is a tribute by its Goan founder, Victor Hugo Gomes to his ancestors, and comprises a unique collection that displays the traditional tools and implements, all of which were a part of the Goan way of life. 

What Makes It Awesome

The Goa Chitra Museum, located in Benaulim, is a full fledged exhibit of tools and implements that unfold the traditional Goan way of life — each exhibit is supported by a detailed explanation of its purpose obtained by interviewing an erstwhile generation that still used them in their day to day lives. The museum originally started with 200 items from Mr. Gomes’ private collection, and has now grown to more than 4000 objects.

The place was conceptualised to preserve age-old wisdom that was passed down through generations. The museum itself consists of three separate museums — each dedicated to a piece of history — Goa Chitra, which maps the ethnographic heritage of Goa, Goa Chakra, which archives the ancient modes of transportation, and Goa Kruti, a culmination of the arts of erstwhile Goa. So you’ll spot traditional farming implements, trade tools, modes of transport, construction tools, farm implements, cooking utensils and other artifacts — all displayed against a backdrop of an organic farm, which is their latest work-in-progress.

The Goa Chitra Museum has been rated by the Archaeological Survey of India as the “topmost contemporary museum” in India. With an extensive display of objects that has evolved over centuries, this ethnographic museum has guided tours that will give you a detailed explanation about the artifacts. You’ll also find a large number of artworks of and from Goa, depicting the culture and traditions of the state. From pots and pans to vintage cars and horse buggies, this museum has it all.


The museum is open on all days from 9 am to 6pm.