Put That Bottle Of King's Aside: There's A New Beer You Can Find Only In Goa


There’s a new craft brew in town, and here’s why you should check it out.

What Is It?

Simba Beer has launched in Goa recently, and comes in two flavours as of now, wheat and stout.

What Did We Like?

We started with the wheat beer, made using the standard mix of wheat and orange peels as Belgian wheat beers are made traditionally. It is a smooth, crisp, refreshing and we loved the hint of the lemon grass aftertaste that we got, making it stand out from the other wheat beers we have tried so far. The stout beers are for a more refined palate than ours usually, but surprisingly the chocolatey and coffee flavours that have a lovely presence in this beer, give it not just a nice dark and rich colour. But, also just the desired balance of sweetness and bitterness in a stout. And both come in bottles as of now, so buy a case and just take it home or to your hotel for that all night bash.

What Could Be Better?

So it isn’t available on tap yet, and nor in cans which is a bit disappointing since the Goa government has rightfully banned all glass bottles on the beach. But hopefully they will read this and launch some.


Simba Beer is currently available at most wine stores in Goa and popular restobars like Antares, Thalassa, Cavala, Cohiba, Cantare, Joseph’s Bar, Oak Barrel and Bay 15 to name a few.