Unleash Your Inner Hippy And Stay For Free At This Budget Hostel In Goa


    This hostel in Goa will give you all the Woodstock vibes at only INR 350! Plus, you can even stay for free if you volunteer with them.

    Flower Child Feels

    Upon entering you will be welcomed by a wall that says “Namas’cray, The Crazy In Me Recognises And Honors The Crazy In You”. That’s how you know you’re already at a great place. They have six bed dormitories, eight bed dormitories, and single and double tents. They have a beautiful courtyard which is where you can find most of the visitors chilling out. They also host many activities like Scavenger Hunts, Barbeque Nights and Yoga Retreats. It’s 15 minutes away from the beach, in the middle of town, and close to many inexpensive restaurants and shopping joints. What more can we ask for?

    Let’s Voluntour

    The coolest thing about Happy Panda Hostel? Register to volunteer with them and you can stay for free! You can opt to volunteer as a graphic designer, wall mural painter, content writer, digital marketer, cook, or even a yoga trainer! If you want to stay there for a longer time, you can help with their reception area. You get free stay at a flat opposite the hostel with other volunteers. The flat has a huge balcony where everyone chills out in the evening, and you get to meet people from all over the world! They have a kitchen with everything you need to cook, as well. Bonus: They have a really good Wi-Fi connection too apaprently! At Happy Panda, you’ll find yourself surrounded by artists and musicians at any time of the day. 

    Find out more about the hostel here.