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Dip, Eat, Repeat: This Goan Couple Jars Up Additive Free Homemade Sauces & Dips!

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Jar Me Up

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What Makes It Awesome

Best believe that dips and sauces have many addicts around the world. More now that this delicious category of foods has found its way from restaurants to portable jars. Something that Nutritionist, Shraddha and her fiancé are mighty happy about too! Their homegrown brand, Jar Me Up is their way of not settling for preservative or sugar filled alternatives.

Though you think this is headed the health route, it's not because despite being a Nutritionist, Shraddha believes that all natural, quality ingredients can hardly do any harm, no matter how much you binge on them. This is why she sources only the best -- fresh chickpeas, premium grade olive oil, fresh basil, and parmesan from local Goan vendors. All this to jar up her own recipes to a creamy Hummus and vibrant, savoury Pesto. 

These are made in small batches, only twice a week to be dispatched to pre-orderers and local supermarkets. Since they are additive-free, these jars need to be refrigerated immediately upon opening and consumed within 10 days. No problem there! A spicy Salsa and zesty Mint Chutney more suited to the Indian side of our taste buds are joining the club soon too.

These are simple, no nonsense condiments that are not flavoured, only for you to taste the actual ingredients and create your own recipes with them, shares the couple. We're leaning toward making a wicked good pesto hummus, no points for guessing our ingredients! Prices start at INR 200 for a 150 gm jar. 


Jar Me Up takes orders through their social media handles and delivers only across Goa for now. Since these are natural products and could lose their integrity in transit, the team is devising better logistics to begin shipping across India in a few months.