Bye Tito's, Bye Mambo: Bookmark These 5 Local Bars For Your Next Goa Trip

Nupura posted on 25 January


Though Goa offers a variety of foreign and Indian brands, there are times when nothing other than a King’s or a chilled glass of Feni will do. Right? So, head to these local hangouts to try out some classic Goan drinks.

Additional bonus: You'll be far from the tourists and chilling at local watering holes for that quintessential Goan experience. 

Joseph's Bar

Joseph’s Bar located in Fontainhas, the old Latin Quarter of Panjim, has been our go-to place for any Goan liquor. For a tiny little hole-in-the-wall place, this bar has a lot of character and loads of local drinks, including Susegado and Eight Finger Eddie (locally crafted beers) on tap. They have homemade Feni or Urak and Gundu, and the main man here, will serve you all with a smile. 




E-250, Gomes Pereira Road, Altinho, Panjim, Goa

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Amancio Classic

Amancio Classic is a cherished, hidden-away joint in Siolim. This is the place to head for some unusual and innovative cocktails made with Feni. My favourite was the summer cocktail Mango Margarita, but with their twist of Feni instead of Tequila.


Near Ferry Point, Tarachi Bhatt, Mapusa, Siolim, Goa

Bobby Bar & Restaurant

Bobby Bar & Restaurant is another local favourite, especially for their aged Feni that is not available everywhere. Of course whilst there, you can always slip back to the usual King’s, but the Feni and Urak is what this is known best for. So the next time you are in Assagao, forget the fancier spots (sorry Soro, we love you but...) and head here. 

Bhatti Village

Bhatti Village is another local restaurant that has a variety of regional drinks. Most tourists who know of the place, go there for the amazing food, but it is also a great place to sample local drinks. From Port wine to Feni, they serve everything out of the tiny but well stocked bar.

Casual Dining

Bhatti Waddo, Nerul, Goa

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Mafia Cocktail Bar

Bibinca, Urak and amazing pork and mutton dishes make Mafia Cocktail one of the most random but amazing places to drink in Goa. The crowd here is fiercely protective of this local secret but we're letting you in, believing that you're going to be nice. Also, Tony and his sister Rosy run this place together and are ever ready to strike a conversation over Feni. 

Pilerne - Candolim Road, Pilerne, Marra, Goa

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