This LGBT Yoga Retreat In Goa Has Changed Hands & Here's What It's Like Now

Bungalow 598 - Simply Yoga

Assagao, Goa


What was previously a haven for learning and inclusivity, being India’s first BnB cum yogashala that focused on making the members of the LGBTQIA+ community feel at home, is now yet another BnB set in Assagao. While the BnB has undergone a change in management, Bunglow 598 — previously Simply Yoga, has retained its luxurious, state-of-the-art design sensibilities.

What Makes It Awesome

The location, primarily. Set in a quiet and lush neighborhood in uphill Badem, the compound houses a beautiful old Portuguese heritage house that is now the office and the staff kitchen. The accompanying building is three floors tall, and houses 12 medium-size, luxurious rooms most of them bordered by tall French windows.

An industrial design sensibility guides the decor of the place with walls naked brick walls, exposed pipes and chic rope and iron lighting. The view from the rooms of the nearby Assgaon hills are quite spectacular, though not the same can be said about the attitude of the management towards the previous association with the non-cisgendered community, a branding the BnB is actively trying to dissociate with. 

The rooftop pool (though not the cleanest) deserves a special mention because of the view. They also offer complimentary bicycles to guests and arrange barbecue nights during high season.

What Could Be Better

While it's a great place for families, we have to admit that we miss its accepting stance towards the queer community. The current management isn’t the most receptive lot and we’d not recommended the place for single women travellers. 


If you are on a bike/scooty, beware of the dogs that might chase you while on your way to the BnB.

Bungalow 598 - Simply Yoga

Assagao, Goa