The Literati Bookshop & Cafe Is A Paradise For All Book Lovers

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If you are looking to get lost in the world of books, in-between all the partying in Goa, we recommend you make your way to the Literati – Bookshop and Cafe that is both a quaint cafe and bookstore. 

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Located in an old Goan house, this place has always had the most warm and welcoming vibe. The walls are stacked with piles of books, it’d be almost impossible to be sad here. There are wooden shelves everywhere you look, shelved with books from new arrivals, bestsellers, fiction, non-fiction, so if you are looking for a laid back evening, you know where to go. 

That’s not all. There is also a cafe nearby, where you can get yourself a cup of hot coffee and snacks to read along with those books. 


They have a number of cultural events that they organise on a regular basis. These range from book discussions, movie screening and plays. An interesting evening is certainly on the cards. 

The store shuts down in the months of June July & August.


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