Next Time You're In Goa, Hit Up This Store For Beautiful & Unique Home Decor Items



    On a rainy afternoon in Goa, we stumbled upon Karma Collection- a cute home decor store that’s home to all things ethnic and beautiful. The next time you’re in the party capital of the country, make sure you drop by here to take back something for home.

    What We Love

    Located at Baga Beach, Karma Collection is a store, which at first can seem rather cluttered, but as you make your way inside, passing all the gorgeous home decor items, furniture and textiles, you’ll fall in love. They have it all- from time cloth notepads, to wind chimes, statues, wall clocks, bags, etc. They have a wide range of brass items which we fell in love with {the Buddha statues were beautiful}. We also particularly loved the marble artifacts, embroidered wall hangings, rugs, and much more. you could spend hours in here without keeping a track of time.

    The store is over a decade old, and puts emphasis on the quality and individuality of their products, so much so that you may not find replicas of many of them. Their furnishing range is good too. They told us they procure plenty of ethnic stuff from within India and from neighbouring countries too. We looked through their range of clothing, but it was all things home decor that really left a mark on us.

    At Karma Collection, you could find things for as cheap as INR 150 going up to a few thousands, so make sure you keep your wallet handy.

    So, We're Saying...

    Sure Goa is all about living it up, but if you’re on your bike and riding around town, then make a quick stop and get a thing or two to take back home. If you have friends from abroad travelling with you {or who you know are visiting Goa}, they could take back home some souvenirs.