Old World Charm And Portuguese Architecture At Fountainhas In Panjim

    Panjim, Goa


    If you love the old world charm and have had enough of partying and drinking in Goa, spend some time at Fontainhas, the old Portuguese colony close to Panjim. The bylanes here are reminiscent of Portuguese traditions and it feels like time here has simply stopped. The houses here were built around 18th and 19th century and they still regain their original colour and contours.

    Best Time To Visit

    The best time to visit here is during the monsoons, between July and September.  The roads this time are washed clean and the weather is pleasant to travel during the day.

    Anything Else?

    If you only have one day to spare, visit on a weekday when the shops and cafes are open.


    Once a year, in the month of February, for a week, there is an art exhibition in Fontainhas when all the houses turn into art galleries.

      Panjim, Goa