People Tree In Goa Is A Quaint Haven


    What Makes It Awesome

    A design collective that was quite the pioneer of the ethical, slow fashion movement (even before it was named so), People Tree stores ethically made, fair trade clothing and accessories that are inspired by ethnic design sensibilities. 

    From books to clothing to accessories to home decor — this eclectic store that shares its compound with Gunpowder — is a powerhouse of revolutionary art. The studio is founded by Gurpreet and Orijit, both themselves multidisciplinary artists, rooted in ethical design practices.

    An alumnus of the National Institute of Design, Gurpreet has been the ‘hands-on’ director of People Tree since its inception — contributing to every aspect of its activities, from crafts development, arts workshops and training, to garment design, printing and dyeing, networking and interaction, and support for social action.

    People Tree is easily one of the most eclectic design studios in Goa and stores a whole milieu of products by locally based designers and artists as well as crafts from remote parts of the country. It has been Gurpreet’s life work to make sure that arts and artisans from far corners of the country, particularly those that are otherwise overshadowed by the mainstream, find the right platform and price.

    Set in a 100-years-old Portuguese-style house, the store is charmingly done up, with knick-knacks that brighten up every corner. Chan, who wo-mans the store is a delight to speak to and will gladly help you both with information and suggestions. You will find everything from screen printed, to batik to handblocked clothes and scarves to upcycled/recycled fashion accessories, to footwear made from natural materials, to naturally made skincare brands to rare finds in music, quirky stationery, ceramic crockery, home decor, books and documentaries, here.


    The store and Gunpowder restaurant are both shut on Mondays to make way for THUS gatherings