Stop For Coffee & Muffins: In The Sleepy Village Of Moira, Lies This Cute Bakery & Cafe

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What Makes It Awesome

A delightfully cosy cafe that is also an outtake of the delectable Ruta’s Roadhouse in Assagao, Ruta’s Deli is just what it sounds like — a microcafe and Deli, set in the lush, lesser known village of Moira.

Whatever can be said about San Francisco-returned chef, Ruta Kahate’s exquisite home-style cooking that is delectable mix of Indian and world flavours falls short once you actually taste her food. At this new microcafe you’ll find her select favourites from Ruta’s Roadhouse, alongside some invigorating infusions of tea and coffee, all of which can be enjoyed in a delicately intimate setting. This microcafe has just about 2–3 tables and one bench outside but it all invites you to make conversation and linger around.

The cafe mostly has quick bites that are the perfect accompaniments to your cuppa and conversation — the sticky buns, the vegetarian Tuscan sandwich, vegan muffins, an assortment of empanadas, granola with scrumptious coconut shavings, and an assortment of bakes make for an inviting breakfast or evening spread. In fact on a lucky day you’ll also find some of their Glass Noodles with Shiitake Mushrooms (very well known at Ruta’s Roadhouse) at the Moira cafe. The unique mix of food and intimacy here, all of it contained in rose painted walls, and a Mangalorean tiled low roof setting, makes this cafe one of our favourites when we want to cut away from the tourist crowds and lose ourselves to the intrepid charm, that is Goa.


The cafe is open from Monday to Saturday, from 9 in the morning to 6:30 in the evening.