Slow Down: There's Beer On Tap & Comfort Food At This Cafe In Vagator



    Comida Caseira in Vagator is the newest baby to open its doors to starved foodies. With a menu that’s small but significant, they want to remind you to slow down and enjoy food the way it was meant to be enjoyed. So, everything here comes with a dollop of homely love and a recipe that’s tweaked to resemble your favourite comfort food (hey potato, hey pork chops).

    What Makes It Awesome

    It’s a family restaurant that will win you over with its food and friendly vibe. The interiors have been done by Anisha, who left costume design in Bombay and came here and the chief chef is her mum who’s mastered the art of cooking the most splendid food with any possible ingredients. The mother-daughter duo is helped by Tarun who’s a cinematographer shuttling from Bombay to Goa and a chef friend who helps Anisha’s mum in the kitchen.

    While you might assume aunty comes with no cooking background, it’s not true. They’ve participated at The Lil Flea in Bombay and have come a long way in nurturing that dream of once running a home-style restaurant. For now, the menu has breakfast, main course, desserts and a full bar. There’s an interesting mish-mash of rum-braised pork chops, chorizo aglio olio, potato pancakes, paella and more.

    Hoping to beat hangover on a Sunday morning? Dig into their English breakfast. Ravenously hungry after an afternoon swim? Attack their fish/prawn curry. Don’t forget to order locally-brewed Susegado beer with it though.

    We love that they urge every guest to 'unlearn'. And what does that mean? Well, they’re kind of done with the 2-minute noodles and 2-line text culture so they expect guests to leave that behind and come with a lot of time at hand. The food in the kitchen is cooked with a lot of heart and soul – and good things take time. If you’re going to be a city person breathing down everyone’s neck for your plate of pannacotta, look elsewhere, sire.

    What Could Be Better

    They’re on the lookout for cello players, flutists and saxophone folks so they can host live music evenings. But for now (okay, they're just a week-old, so we need to go easy on them), this is the only thing we probably miss. 


    They intend on introducing the meal sharing concept pretty soon. This will cater to groups of 10 plus people who’ll share a table and enjoy a set menu that’ll come with alcohol pairings.