Udon Miss This: Head To Matcha To Put Those Japanese Food Cravings To Rest

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What Makes It Awesome?

Matcha is a tiny Japanese food joint at Anjuna, located right across the church. You can't miss the big board screaming out the name, and you most certainly can't miss the food here.

A small eatery with a limited menu, Matcha is all that you want and more. I obviously opted for a Matcha cooler which was superbly refreshing on a sultry evening. This was followed by a salmon and cucumber sushi (8 pieces) and a teriyaki chicken rice bowl. They were both scrumptious, but the rice bowl was literally mind-blowing. This is probably the first time I saved anything else apart from sushi for my last bite. Bursting with flavours, you absolutely must have this dish. The matcha is pretty wonderful too!

A tad expensive, but Matcha is worth every penny. It's as authentic as it can get, and is run by a kind Japanese gentleman. The eatery is almost always full, so go in the minute you find a spot.


Even though they've monsoon-proofed the nook, they're open and shut rather inconsistently. Our two cents: Always call before going. The last we checked, they're shut on Mondays but do lunch between noon and 3pm and dinner from 6-10pm on other days.