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Discover the best cocktails in Goa with LBB. Want to know where to the get the most potent drinks? Which bar to hit for happy hours? Read on.

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Chilling With Family In Goa? Head to Cohiba For Some Great Vibes


Bored of Tito’s & Cabana? Try Cohiba near Fort Aguada for some live music, great food and a chill evening with your family.

Why Should I Go There?

There’s a live band that plays on Saturday nights and thats’s something you should not miss. They make you dance, sing, jump and groove! The place is huge and service is friendly like any other place in Goa.

Not a bad option if you’re holidaying with kids because there’s a separate area for them to play, adding to the good vibes.


There’s just one catch, the dress code for men is formal. So no flip-flops, no slippers, no cut sleeves and no shorts. Sorry boys! You will have to dress-it up for the night!

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