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In Goa? Explore The Streets Of Fontainhas In Panjim On Foot

What Makes It Awesome

Colourful houses, Bougainville creeping from courtyards, bright bikes, and narrow alleys — the streets of Fontainhas hold plenty of surprises, and if you are someone who loves exploring towns (or cities) on foot, there's nothing quite like this. I have a thing for abandoned buildings or homes with archaic architecture and walking the streets of Fontainhas filled me with beautiful sights. Fontainhas is basically the old Latin Quarter of Goa and the architecture reminds you of Portuguese homes. You'll spot bright coloured homes in tints of blue, red, green, and yellow, that you can pose against. The cafes are also equally beautiful and if you are tired of all the walking, either wind up at The Old Quarter for a cup of Joe from Bombay Coffee Roasters or hit up Mamaramma for ramen. Whatever is your poison, stepping into Fontainhas is like walking into tiny streets of Old Europe where you are entirely disconnected from the outside world. And hey, it's not every day you spot homes and alleys this fascinating, so put on some sunscreen, wear a pair of good shows and go, explore!


You can sign up for a guided walking tour that several communities or Meetup groups host.

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