Stop Over For Bombay Street Food & Masala Chai At This Small Panjim Cafe

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Snack monsters, go get your fill of chaat and chai at The Mumbai Canteen in Panjim. A humble, family-run restaurant, this one’s perfect for those 5pm hunger pangs when a plate of cheese Maggi or pani puri is all you need. Bonus: This one’s affordable, hygienic and delivers nearby.

What Makes It Awesome

The sheer lack of options in Goa for non-greasy vegetarian snacks, prompted Varisha and her brother (a foodie who’s equally happy being the cook) to start The Mumbai Canteen. Taking Bombay’s loved street food dishes and giving them a homely spin makes this outlet quite a hit in the neighbourhood. It can take all of 5–6 people eating khari biscuits and sipping chai, but hey, that’s what makes it a cosy, quick pit-stop when you’re in the area.

From snack-seeking office goers who rely on delivery to regulars who’ve made the canteen their permanent spot for cofffee and samosa, this one’s always doing brisk business. And why not, you get to avoid the downpour and the muck of the tapris while getting your fill of chaat.

We tried the chaas and tea along with masala khichiya, allu bomb and a Mumbai masala sandwich and between two mildly hungry people, all this was polished off. We loved that we didn’t have to go the fried route with the samosa or vada pao and enjoyed a boiled version of alloo chaat with a boiled potato that came full of chutneys, cheese and sev. The khichiya was the perfectly light snack with chopped onions, tomatoes and chutneys on a rice cracker. Of course, for the homesick Bombay folks, the masala sandwich will be a sweet reminder of the streetside staple.

From dabeli and kanda poha to butter pav bhaji, the place does full justice to Bombaiya snacks. But if you’re a true-blue Dilliwaala, you’ll be happy to see momo and Schezwan Maggi too! To wash all of it down, get yourself a jaljeera or an aam panna perhaps?


They’re open from 8am to 9pm because you know, you can never predict a snack emergency and hopefully, with them starting early, you might even treat yourself to a quick breakfast?