These Dog-Friendly, Eco-Conscious Cottages In Goa Are Our New Love


Anjuna, Goa


Camouflage is a cosy retreat in the woods that loves our dogs as much as we do. With five cottages scattered in the middle of a forest, this is the place for nature lovers to get their fill of sunshine and puppy love. Oh, and did we tell you it’s run by a couple who are big upcycling buffs?

What Makes It Awesome

Srishti and Sheldon are doggie parents first and hospitality folks later. When they moved to Goa, they began the search for a spot where they could build their dream accommodation – you know, just a place where animals, nature and humans could coexist in harmony. And Camouflage ticks all the boxes. It’s perched on a hill, it’s wound around trees and it lets doggies share your bed.

The way to these cottages goes via Lila Cafe in Anjuna and it's also where the guests can enjoy their meals. We love the homely vibe that ties in perfectly with Camouflage's design philosophy of eco-conscious living. They use no plastics, they offer soap and shampoo bars and most of the artworks that hang in the rooms have been dug up from Sheldon’s archives. In fact, the couple has also used a lot of discarded things they could source from friends and neighbours to carve sit-outs, dressers, cabinets and more. 

The cosy chalets are best suited for a couple but they’re more than happy to give an extra bed to accommodate an extra being. They’re priced at INR 4k upwards a night.

What Could Be Better

If your knees aren’t in top notch condition or if wildlife bothers you, this isn’t the place for you. It’s a steep climb up and they surrounded by forests, so…


Their permanent houseguest, Buddy, is the most nonchalant doggie we’ve met. Also, if you leave your room open, he might insist on sleeping inside with the AC on. Just remember to say hi to him.


Anjuna, Goa