Want To Learn A New Skill Or Two? Hit Up This Artistic Makers Space In Aldona

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What Makes It Awesome

Is this your umpteenth Goa plan making you wonder if there's a place where you can try something other than sunbathing and partying? Well then, head to Thinkering. Located in the beautiful sleepy village in Aldona, Thinkering is where you can participate in a hands-on workshop, no matter what your age is.

The space was conceived by Avik, as a collaborative learning space with the agenda of tinkering the brain into compelling thought and action. Tina - who runs the space - programmes workshops, residencies, events, all of which are geared towards picking up a new skill or two, or prompting reflection. Some examples of previous workshops include a resin and wood art workshop, woodwork or carpentry workshop, presentation by a sculptor and more.

The agenda at Thinkering is to create immersive learning experiences for the young and the old alike. And, they invite some of the finest mentors in the fields of theatre, technology, paper engineering, linguistics, woodworking, environmental management, science, art and the art of science to conduct these workshops and events. They’ve already held several workshops on design thinking, woodworking, drawing and language skills to much popularity.

They also host talks and performances, and are gearing up towards creating meaningful learning experiences for their patrons.


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