Creative But Broke? This Goa Hostel Lodges Artists Starting At INR 200

ImagiNation - Artists' Hostel

Arambol, Goa


The world is a much better place thanks to music, art, poetry, books and a little help from the smallest of creative thoughts. And we for one, love that ImagiNation Hostel in Arambol is trying to create a world where artists can truly come together, and stay together. 

What Makes It Awesome?

Pareen and Mansi, the founders of ImagiNation Artists Hostel, moved to Goa a few years back and started the Happy Panda hostel. Then, they sold it with the intention of travelling the world, but ultimately landed back in Arambol. Following a chance conversation with a poet friend about how lovely it'd be if creative folks could have a home as beautiful as theirs, an idea of an artists hostel was born. 

The duo embarked on a fresh search to find a space that'd be exclusively artists (struggling or established) or even art enthusiasts. Finally, they zeroed in on a spot that's nestled between the hills, with no concrete structures around and a view that probably offers the most serene sunrise and sunsets. Oh, and it's just a 20 minutes walk from the beach.

Be it musicians, writers, poets, sculptors, photographers, architects, they welcome everyone. Away from rules and routine, this hostel is all about a spontaneous jam session, or watching someone paint that beautiful sunset, or just popping in to pick up a souvenir. In this sense, they are not just your average hostel but an artist community in the beautiful village of Arambol. To keep things intimate, they also can't host more than 10 people at a time. The idea being that most artists stay for weeks or months, so they can focus on their craft without feeling rushed.

The help for the guests doesn't just end at accommodation either. The hostel guys have helped artists sell their products across Goa or connected them with start-ups that could use their services, or had musicians collaborating to form a band.

You can stay there for as long as you want. With their rates being about covering costs instead of making profits, so you can get a bed here for as low as INR 200 a night during the start of the season, going up to INR 700 during peak season. They're open from October till March every year. 


They have an upcoming Writer's Retreat from November 20 to December 20. You can start applying from the October 31, with part sponsorship options available for a few deserving candidates, as well as a 100% sponsorship for two really special candidates.

ImagiNation - Artists' Hostel

Arambol, Goa