Your Guide To Staying, Eating & Everything You Can Do At Baga Beach

Baga beach is one of the most popular and tourist-friendly beaches in Goa. Restaurants, shacks, hotels and shops line the beach area, and there’s really something for everyone to love. There’s plenty of choices to stay and eat at at Goa’s tried-tested-loved Baga beach, and plenty to do here — so here’s our pick of the top things to do when you’re in the area. We're also letting you in on Baga, Goa's best restaurants, bars and hotels.  

Where To Stay In Baga

There’s a reason Baga Goa enjoys the kind of mad popularity does. Not only is there no dearth of good restaurants, cafes, bars, resorts and water sports, there are options across the budget. 

Amongst the luxury resorts Acron Waterfront Resort is a dream and we can’t have enough of its infinity pool. Fahrenheit Hotels and Resorts (especially with their swimming pool and 6 jacuzzi sets) and The Baga Beach Resort are two other favourites around Baga beach. A mid-range stay that we swear by is the Cavala Seaside Resort, with an in-house bar and restaurant that hosts live music on almost all evenings of the week. 

Another among our recommendations of the best stays, would be the Greece-inspired Mykyonos Blu, that’s perched on Baga creek and is close to a lot of cool restaurants like Old Bombay, Royal Enfield Garage Cafe and Toro Toro. Belavida, and Beach Box Hotel along the river are other stellar properties, that will ensure that you have a fabulous stay in Baga, Goa. On the other hand if you’re travelling on a shoe-string budget, head to Bedrock Boutique Hostel — an affordable budget hostel with a boutique flavour. 

Where To Eat In Baga

Baga Beach is a haven for foodies and while there are some old favourites, new restaurants also keep popping up in the area, every other day. Brittos and Pousada by the Beach (this is somewhere in the middle of Baga and Calangute) are no-brainers, while the Beach Box Hotel is a recent favourite thanks to some incredible prawn curry rice, and the andhra style chili chicken that they make. Go With the Flow is another winner with its dreamy ambience, focus on quality ingredients and warm service, that makes it stand out.

In fact over the last few years the Baga Creek area has become home to some of the best and the most happening restaurants — Toro Toro, Old Bombay, Meiphung and Royal Enfield Garage Cafe are some that we keep going back to. Infantaria, is a restaurant that’s perfect for any time of the day and has a reputation it’s held on to pretty strong. Go here for an insane variety of food and desserts. 



Saunta Vaddo, Calangute Baga Road, Baga, Goa


Things To Do In Baga

At Baga Goa, there’s hardly a chance that you’ll get bored — whether it is that you want to dance the night away, or just let your hair down while listening to some stellar live music, or just chill by the beach with your gang, Baga beach has something for everyone. Baga Paralia is a beach bar and lounge that’s got a dance floor, heady cocktails and seaside cabanas to watch the sun go down with your pals. Some of the old-favourites among party goers are Cafe Titos and Cafe Mambos, where you can party till dawn, to a mix of Bollywood and electronic music. Las Olas, another upscale beach shack which will customise a cabana for you on request, hosts some great parties and is open till 4am. 

Baga Beer Garden is the newest brewery-meets-beer-garden that’s bringing a chill vibe to this part of town. Cape Town Cafe in that ever-crowded Tito’s lane looks charming after a makeover and when near Baga beach, we like to grab drinks here, followed by a night of more dancing at Cavala or Favela

If you’re a shopper, Baga will still have plenty for you to do — check out the street market at the Calangute square or make your way to the Karma Collective and SotoHaus for some eclectic home decor, or head to the Mario Miranda store and get yourself some souvenirs. Want to steer clear of the crowds and spend a quiet afternoon? Head to Literati bookshop and cafe, and immerse yourself in some quiet me-time. 

After all the shopping, drinking and dancing, if you’ve still got an adventurous bone left, at Baga Marina Goa, you can also go on a banana boat, go jet skiing or on a quiet river cruise with your squad.