That's The Spirit! Goa's New Tavern Trail Is The Only Way To Drink Like A Local


    The Cazulo Tavern Trails is an old-school spin on a pub crawl. Having recently concluded its first trail across five different village taverns, complete with drinking games, local snacks and a certificate for the best drunk, it was one helluva party. If your next trip to Goa is about going local, this epic drinking experience has a lot to offer.

    What Makes It Awesome

    The fact that it’s the only one-of-its-kind in Goa. Now, whether it means grabbing a kopp (a shot) at a tavern window, being privy to stories of Osama and Obama’s bull fight, gorging on torran (salted mango strips) or listening to cheerful live music thanks to a band of serenaders, you know it aint nothing like drinking at a polished beach bar.

    To give you an idea, the tavern trail kick starts with a visit to a feni distillery (Fazenda Cazulo) where you get introduced to the kinds of feni and their origins. The drinking, of course, starts here itself (Goans believe in keeping well-hydrated) and you’re treated to soor (coconut toddy) and chonne (roasted gram). This is followed by a chill, boozy time at Salina and Domnic, drinking maad (coconut feni) and eating fish cutlets. There’s also a pit-stop at a hidden tavern that’s tucked behind a Colva cop station where an old couple makes their own juice. So, if four types of Feni hasn’t left you in high spirits, you get to sample more locally distilled fine feni including a certain coffee-infused one.

    After all this bar hopping, it’s time to honour the loveliest drunk! The Local Beat folks award a Certificate Of Bebdo with calligraphy-styled handwritten names. How sweet is that?

    So now, all you excited patraos, note that this watering hole experience will take place once a month on a Saturday, between North and South Goa.


    The tickets are priced at INR 2,500 per person and includes food, transport, music and an insane amount of local liquor. For all this merry drinking and exploring, you can call up trusted Mack, who’ll be happy to book you a spot at the trail.