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Visiting Goa? Hunt For Rodrigues' Authentic Poe Bread

Navni posted on 31 January


If you’re going to be spending a significant amount of time in Goa, it might be worth the effort to track down Rodrigues Bakery to get your hands on some freshly-baked poe bread at bargain prices.


It’s a little bit of an effort finding Rodrigues Bakery – always ask a local or you’ll be left guessing. We had our cab driver lead the way. It’s an impressive, almost shabby-looking, house from the inside and this in no way makes you bready for what’s inside. You’ll be greeted by a giant more-or-less bare room with a fire oven on one end and a table wedged into a corner where the dough is rolled out and moulded into buns.

We're Poe Boys

Rodrigues bakes fresh bread at regular intervals – we managed to get our hands on a 9pm batch at around 9.40 – and hear that they were doughing another batch at midnight. The poe are up for grabs at just INR 4 a piece and come in a regular and a sweetish variant. We find they go well with sweet and spicy dishes {sorpotel, maybe?}

So, We're Saying...

If you’re looking for local Goan bread in the middle of your travelling adventures, you should definitely pay Rodrigues a visit. PS: This is all wholewheat.