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#Wanderlust: Head To Keri Beach For Some Peace & Quiet

    Arambol, Goa


    Keri Beach also known as Querim Beach is the perfect option for some great views, clear waters, surfing, paragliding and plenty of me-time.

    What Should I Do?

    If you like to just be, when you’re on a vacation then make a trip to Keri. You can actually paraglide from a heightened rock and land on the beach or even into the water. If you’re not an experienced para-glider make sure you’re accompanied by the instructor.

    Who Is It For?

    Anyone who’s bored of the commercial side of Goa. This beach is located at the Northernmost tip of Goa and about a 30 minute distance from Arambol. Great for anyone looking for an offbeat Goa vacation.


    Be sure you pack everything you need since the beach is a bit isolated. Also don’t forget to take your camera for those picture-perfect getaway shots.

      Arambol, Goa